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Wednesday to Sunday - Lunch and Dinner

Sunday Brunch - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Café Lucia ǀ 235 Healdsburg Avenue, Suite 105 ǀ Healdsburg, California ǀ 95448 ǀ (707) 431-1113


Brother and sister team (Chef Manuel and Lucia as your host) share a passion for food and their Portuguese heritage.  In 1968, their father, Raimundo Faustino Azevedo, sold his worldly possessions, a pair of oxen and a milk cow, and moved his wife and two sons (Manuel, being the oldest) to Healdsburg, California, where their father worked as a dairyman.  Lucia was born shortly thereafter.  The family eventually grew to six and ultimately settled in Sonoma Valley in 1976.   

The work of a dairyman was demanding and life in the United States was a challenge for a family of six, yet the family never lacked fresh delicious food.  There was always an abundance of fresh milk, as well as sides of beef and pork on a biannual basis.  The family grew its own vegetable garden and had fresh eggs daily courtesy oftheir hens.  Their mother, LaSalette, made fresh cheese and bread on a weekly basis. The siblings were very much a part of the food gathering and preparation process in the family home.  Neither of the siblings recall “learning” to cook; food preparation was always second nature -- in their blood. The parents learned of American foods through their children.  The family table was an adventure.

As children of immigrant parents, the siblings grew up with a strong work ethic and desire for the American dream.  Café Lucia is a culmination of that dream.


Café Lucia is a great venue for your next group or private event.  For more information, please click here