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Downtown Healdsburg

Just steps away from Healdsburg’s landmark plaza, Café Lucia invites you to a leisurely meal in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere made warm and cozy by hanging canvas prints of landscapes and scenery from the Azores and Portugal, and the wooden tables fashioned from old wine boxes.  Enjoy a casual lunch in the courtyard or and evening meal served al fresco with Fado, the tradional music of Portugal, playing in the background.  Best of all, of  course, is the genuinely caring service and food, which will leave you completely sated yet somehow craving more.


Healdsburg Restaurant, Cafe Lucia offers Cozinha Nova Portuguesa - "new Portuguese cuisine"- celebrating the varied and complex flavors of Portugal, adapted to the immense offerings of top-quality ingredients from Sonoma County.  The result is a unique cuisine characterized by familiar Mediterranean and Iberian staples (olive oil, olives, garlic, tomatoes, onions, wine, saffron, etc.), exotic spices and flavorings picked from around the globe during hundreds of years of Portuguese expeditionary voyages and fresh local and seasonal Californian ingredients from land and sea.  It's a winning combination for lovers of traditional Portuguese fare and adventurous diners alike.

Bom apetite!